Black Double Dro-Air Full Mask

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Sold Individually Without Cartridges 


Cartridges for Mask Sold Separately

Black Double Dro-Air Full Face Mask

Includes Bag

Polycarbonate anti-fog and impact resistant visor

Peripheral optical vision of 220°

TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) 5-point adjustable head harness

Large face seal flange

High efficiency exhalation valve

Separate mask body

Standard Dromex unifit filters

Withstands a pull of 15kg

One size fits all

Designed to withstand temperatures of up to 70 ± 3°

Composition: Polycarbonate anti-mist visor

TPR 5-point adjustable head harness

Suitable in use in: Chemical, Asbestos, Painting, Law Enforcement, Sanding & Grinding, Search & Rescue, General Industrial

Cartridges for Mask Sold Separately


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