Auto Wash and Wax Car Wash

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Car wash and wax concentrate

Contains a blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and selected waxes

Removes oily soil deposits, road dirt and other films

Leaves a clean, shiny surface when rinsed

Eliminates streaks


Can be used by machine and manual applications

For use in automatic car wash rotating brush machines, dilute 1-part Car Wash to 200-parts of tap water

For normal manual cleaning, dilute 1-part Car Wash to up to 100-parts of tap water

Manual Cleaning: Dissolve the required amount of Car Wash in a bucket of, preferably luke warm, water

Using a sponge or cloth apply solution onto the surface to be cleaned

Rinse with tap water, and dry using a soft clean dry cloth

Machine Washing: Dilute Car Wash as prescribed in a drum or tank, and use via a high pressure or brush-rotating machine

Rinse with tap water and allow to dry

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5 Litre, 25 Litre


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