Recycling program

Why should I sign up to Trustmeds Recycling Program?

Because you care.


We can reduce air pollution, keep our oceans clean, save water and create jobs by simply reusing what we have instead of importing more. Trustmed wants to create a more environmentally friendly, sustainable economy in South Africa. We believe that we are an important part of the supply chain in South Africa and have the opportunity to create a cleaner business environment. We believe that consumers want environmentally friendly products without paying a higher price. This is what Trustmed is offering your business.


In partnership with Neptun Boots and adapting their Cradle to the Grave policy we are offering our clients and suppliers the opportunity to recycle their used gumboots, smocks and other disposable items. Rather than them ending up in a landfill. 

Trustmed aims to create a cleaner future.

How it works

Unique problems require unique solutions so we will send our recycling consultant to your business to assess your needs. We will provide:

  • Recycling bins
  • Free collection
  • Certificates from our registered recycler that states how much plastic your company has recycled
  • Social media exposure
  • Logos and links on our website

Products we aim to recycle

  • Smocks
  • Aprons
  • Over sleeves
  • Visitors Coats
  • PVC Gumboots 

Neptun Boots Cradle to the Grave Policy

We have partnered with Neptun Boots to adopt their Cradle to the Grave Initiative. We assist in the collection and recycling of used PVC gumboots.

Neptun will recycle them and use them again in a new batch of their basic general purpose black boots.  

This lowers the chances of boots landing up in dumps or being burned in the environment.

Their policy reduces their environmental impact and keeps entry level market costs down.


Trustmed offers a discount on new boots when old boots are recycled! 

How to sign up?

All you need to do is fill in your details and submit the form below. Our recycling consultant will contact you to schedule an appointment.